The sacred manifests in the flesh of the earth

While the world aches for transformation and healing, God is not a distant observer but an enfleshed presence at the margins, in the soil, in chaos and quiet, in pleasure and pain. The Divine is intimately entangled with all aspects of our collective life: The material. The political. The intimate. The sensual. The struggle. The places where they all meet.

With this assurance, enfleshed creates and facilitates spiritual resources for learning and unlearning dominance in belief and practice. As the Spirit, tender and fierce, calls us all to courage, enfleshed hopes to provide sources of deep spiritual nourishment for the work of collective liberation before us.

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A pocket-size book of 52 “blessings for the depths,” art, and interactive prompts.

The Vita Divina Project

A meditative spiritual resource on queer and trans flesh as a Divine encounter

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Moments for Common Nourishment

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Bread and blessing, still.

Bread and blessing, still.

I recently refound an affirmation of faith I wrote over twenty years ago. Returning to this heartfelt articulation of belief, I felt tenderness for my past self–wisdom I already held, and all I was on the precipice of learning. I felt deep gratitude for the...

Where Two or Three are Gathered

Where Two or Three are Gathered

By Rose J. Percy I love my friends and still, sometimes, I run and hide from their love. I am afraid to look into their eyes and see the truths that keep me here. Stuck, behind these walls with the cracked foundation of hyper-independence. I want to share my feelings...

We bloom like bearded iris

We bloom like bearded iris

Alice Walker described her first encounter with unapologetic, queer delight, as “a revelation.” “The sight of two grown men locked together in a thorough and obviously toe-curling kiss,” she witnessed, was “a bit like my seeing a bearded iris for the first time.”...

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