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enfleshed creates and facilitates spiritual resources for collective liberation through prayer, liturgies, art, meditations, teaching, and other resources. enfleshed was birthed in 2017 out of a deep longing for engagement with the Sacred through collective, liberative, creative, and nourishing practices and ideas unencumbered by dogma, religious respectability politics, or denominational ties.

Our work is largely positioned within Christian-adjacent* communities centering the wisdom, experiences, and desires of those traditionally on the fringes of dominant institutions, theologies, and politics. Our values align with the poets, the healers, the truth-tellers, the tender and fierce, the messy and untidy, the seekers, the queer, and the strange ones across spiritual traditions. Inviting transformation – internal, material, and collective – we share offerings of nonconforming embodiments of faith, ancient and unfolding. With attention to the Sacred in the flesh of the earth and all creaturely forms, we find God in the entangled, fleeting, beautiful and aching nature of this “one wild and precious life.”

You can read about our values and practices here.

You can read about what we mean by “collective liberation” here.

You can reach us at info@enfleshed.com.

* We’re still in conversation about what we mean by “Christian-adjacent.” But we know we desire to point to the ways many people who have been shaped by or otherwise related to the Christian tradition no longer find themselves identifying with the religion. Those who have some sense of ongoing relationship to Christianity – by way of theology, spiritual practices, accountability to its impact, etc – but not to institutional affiliation or its common claims – may find themselves among the Christian-adjacent community.

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