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Rev. M Barclay (they/them) is Co-Founder and Director of enfleshed, a nonprofit creating and facilitating resources of spiritual nourishment for collective liberation. M is passionate about bringing fresh and relevant perspectives to the questions, traditions, and theologies that have sustained faith communities for centuries. They have extensive experience in writing, preaching, and teaching on Christianity and its relationship to queer and trans lives, feminism, white anti-racism, and other spiritual matters of living towards abundant life, structural justice, and collective joy.

Born and raised in the deep south, M comes from a fundamentalist faith background and has spent years unlearning both toxic theologies and social norms. Liberation theologies have been a key component in leading them to a more rich, loving, and meaningful relationship to God, self, and neighboring creatures and creations. Inviting others to deepen into this spiritual and freeing work of trading in modern Christianity's greatest lies about God for a faith that "sets the captives free" is one of their greatest joys.

Prior to enfleshed, M's vocational background included over a decade of LGBTQIA advocacy in and beyond The UMC, hospital chaplaincy, working with youth, faith organizing on reproductive justice in TX, and other work in the places where justice and spirituality meet.

M is a 2018-2021 Culture of Health Leader Fellow with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In their spare time, they enjoy working with - and especially queering - stained glass. 

Contact M at Follow M on twitter & insta at @mxbarclay.

Interviews and resources

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GENDER QUESTIONS - Gender Identity in Youth Ministry

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United Methodist Church Appoints Transgender Deacon

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The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon

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Northern Illinois Board of Ordained Ministry supports M Barclay

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A Love Letter to Our Church from Your LGBTQI Religious Leaders

12/30/2015 - Austin Lionheart

Transgender and Christian: Nonbinary Faith - An Interview w/ M


M is also featured in - and highly recommends - Austen Hartke's "Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Trans Christians."

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