"Beloved One, Come!" An Erotic Song of Devotion

"Beloved One, Come!" An Erotic Song of Devotion
By Francisco Herrera

In the church, many people will say that sex isn’t bad, or even that sex is a part of life, but rarely do you hear that sex is good or that sex is holy – let alone sing that sex is good and holy in any Christian setting.

This song (one of a series) is an attempt to correct that. Pulling from some of the most sensual stories in the Bible, “Beloved One, Come!” seeks to do three things:

The first is simple, to be a lovely tune with a lovely text that you both love to listen to and love to sing.

The second, and most subversive, is to present notions of sensual relationship that go beyond the too-common male/female heterosexual binary.

But lastly, and perhaps the most poignantly, is to have a Christian devotional song with a text that is unabashedly sensual and sexual.

The deadliest prohibition in the contemporary church – that the passion of the pew and the passion of the bedroom must be ever separated – has yet to be seriously challenged in our over-sexualized days, and one way that Christians can take a part of such sacred deconstruction is through singing our theology, our faith, just as we would with any old-standard hymn or Christmas carol.  

Mystical, erotic passion is one of the great boons of the life of faith – providing fuel and feeling and fortitude to sustain us in even the most challenging times. And especially now, in these days, the bodies of too many, the desires of too many, let alone the loves of too many are exploitatively prohibited and each of these prohibitions lead to death – body, soul, and everything in between.

So in the name of the most-high God, with the power of the Spirit, and for the love of Christ we must fight against this, and I hope this little song can point the way. And for one final note, I’d like to give an extra bit of thanks to Dr. Katya Lysander, Ph.D. – who both sang in and coordinated the recording.

Download the sheet music here.

Francisco Herrera

Before coming to Chicago Francisco Herrera studied classical music (viola and orchestra conducting) in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and then Geneva, Switzerland. After feeling the call to ministry at his home church in Geneva, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva, he returned to the US to enter seminary in 2005, completing his M.Div. from Chicago Theological Seminary in 2012. Since beginning his Ph.D studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC)  in Fall of 2013, he has also been developing his skills as a seminary instructor, both at LSTC and the Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest. And when he isn’t doing any of those things, polymath and scatterbrain that he is, Francisco likes to write worship and devotional music, blogs at www.loveasrevolution.blogspot.com, tweets at @PolyglotEvangel, and travels the country as one of the central leaders of #decolonizeLutheranism. 

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