An interview with ada vargas

share your spiritual biography in 10 words, or less:

turn towards that which nourishes you again and again

where are you turning for soul nourishment / joy / aliveness?

listening to the seemingly hundreds of birds that live on my busy city street provides instant grounding and transport to nature despite the context. a special delight comes if i can spot a specific little bird who is chirping near me and I can see their beak opening and their chest puffing up to send out their song. and the music of beautiful chorus, toni jones, and chris-n-teeb almost every day!

what is a text you hold sacred?

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. food is sacred to me.

what is a spiritual practice currently sustaining you?

holding ample space for my morning to unfold slowly. i cultivated a practice of waking up between 5 and 5:30 am almost every day and that has allowed my spirit to move unhurriedly for hours in the morning. it is the exact container i need to tenderly care for myself.

how would you describe the work you feel called to do in this world (even if it is not the work you get paid for)?

i was recently reflecting on who i am at my essence, and i realized i am a guide. anywhere i am, in any context, if i know the way even a bit more than someone else and they need some guidance, i am there for them. translations, crowd control, teaching someone how to register to vote, you name it, i’ll help guide you. currently my work is in guiding queer folks through the journey of understanding their personal finances to be able to take charge of their money and care for their present and future selves.

knowing that none of us “has it all together,” what is one question you are wrestling with, or bit of wisdom you are struggling to enflesh in your daily life?

the bit of wisdom i am struggling to enflesh is that i am not behind, i am simply where i am and that “behind” is a judgement i don’t need to believe

who is one elder / ancestor / mentor whose guidance you draw from? what is one piece of wisdom they have offered?

my first meditation teacher whom i met 10 years ago really helped me see that i can change my relationship with anything through acceptance and reframing. for example, i grew up despising winter and being miserable and angry for nearly 6 months a year in the chicago winter (and even slight cold of fall). through persistent remembering of this guidance i have come to see that i can lean into changing my relationship and experience of nearly anything in life that i choose to, staying mindful to not accept and normalize things toxicity. this guidance took years to fully sink in, but these days it is a skill that i feel i can always reach for.

what’s one oppressive untruth you are practicing unlearning / divesting from?

i am unlearning feeling like i must perform each day like a neurotypical person. the world and the “standards” were not built for me as a neurodiverse person with adhd and i am on a daily quest to let go of the oppressive untruths of internalized capitalism and internalized neurotypical standards

what is one thing you wish were required listening / viewing?

the book polysecure by jessica fern for everyone regardless of if they practice or are drawn to polyamory or not.

any of your website and/or social media handles you’d like us to include / highlight? and @queermoneycoach on Instagram and TikTok

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