An interview with Andrés Herrera Gré (he/him)

share your spiritual biography in 10 words, or less:

You are worthy of love. Embrace it and share it.

where are you turning for soul nourishment / joy / aliveness?

The water. I walk to the beach everyday, it’s cold and windy, and incredibly peaceful. My thoughts get lost in the waves and I can rest.

what is a text you hold sacred?

So many texts have been meaningful and are meaningful for me in different seasons. Currently: All about love by bell hooks.

what is a spiritual practice currently sustaining you?

Doing nothing. I’m trying to take at least 10 minutes during my day, to just sit or lay down and do nothing. No phone, no mediation, nada. nothing.

how would you describe the work you feel called to do in this world (even if it is not the work you get paid for)?

I feel called to hold space for people to be seen and heard, to allow them to share theirs stories, and find the own voices.

knowing that none of us “has it all together,” what is one question you are wrestling with, or bit of wisdom you are struggling to enflesh in your daily life?

How am I showing up for my community? Do I need to do more because that’s what others expect or because it actually helps?

who is one elder / ancestor / mentor whose guidance you draw from? what is one piece of wisdom they have offered?

My grandmother. She was very intentional with her energy and I am learning to do the same, to protect my energy and use it wisely.

what’s one oppressive untruth you are practicing unlearning / divesting from?

That I have to fix every problem that people share with me.

what is one thing you wish were required listening / viewing?

The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James H Cone

any of your website and/or social media handles you’d like us to include / highlight?

Instagram handle: @hola.andresh



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