An interview with Shana Chivon Green

share your spiritual biography in 10 words, or less:

Queer, disabled, womanist, pastor. Equally Assata, Audre, Baldwin & Butler.

where are you turning for soul nourishment / joy / aliveness?

For nourishment these days I am turning to love. Friendships, relationships, new connections are nourishing my heart in this ever changing world.

what is a text you hold sacred?

Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

what is a spiritual practice currently sustaining you?

Lectio Divina is a prayer, meditation, scripture reading practice that feeds my contemplative soul.

[Learn about enfleshed’s take on this practice here]

how would you describe the work you feel called to do in this world (even if it is not the work you get paid for)?

I am called to lush liberation. To walk alongside those that crave freedom, softness and radical rest.

knowing that none of us “has it all together,” what is one question you are wrestling with, or bit of wisdom you are struggling to enflesh in your daily life?

I am struggling to enflesh that I am not expected to have the answers. My humanity declares that “I don’t know” is a full sentence.

who is one elder / ancestor / mentor whose guidance you draw from? what is one piece of wisdom they have offered?

Octavia Butler – “God is Change.”

what’s one oppressive untruth you are practicing unlearning / divesting from?

That my best is not enough to Spirit

what is one thing you wish were required listening / viewing?

The interview between Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin (view here)

any of your website and/or social media handles you’d like us to include / highlight?

IG/Twitter @shanachivon


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