An interview with Tejai Beulah Howard, Ph.D. (she/her/hers/Black)

share your spiritual biography in 10 words, or less:

I love Spirit. I love myself. I love my neighbors.

where are you turning for soul nourishment / joy / aliveness?

Joy for me is found in music, cooking, my loved ones, affirmations, ice cream, and my spouse.

what is a text you hold sacred?

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

what is a spiritual practice currently sustaining you?

Journaling helps me to remain grateful no matter how good or how bad my day is going.

how would you describe the work you feel called to do in this world (even if it is not the work you get paid for)?

I feel called to listen to people, offer wise counsel as needed, and to practice hospitality.

knowing that none of us “has it all together,” what is one question you are wrestling with, or bit of wisdom you are struggling to enflesh in your daily life?

I struggle with writing and exercising daily. I’m trying to attain the wisdom of discipline in those areas of my life.

who is one elder / ancestor / mentor whose guidance you draw from? what is one piece of wisdom they have offered?

Howard Thurman constantly reminds me that I am a beloved Child of God and I can trust God to take care of me.

what’s one oppressive untruth you are practicing unlearning / divesting from?

I struggle with publicly identifying as bisexual because I’m in a same-gender-loving marriage. People tend to smirk when I explain how I identify. I realize that it’s none of their business, but I feel like there’s an expectation that I identify as a lesbian because of my marriage. But, I know who I am and I know who I married.

what is one thing you wish were required listening / viewing?

The song, Jump by Avery*Sunshine. Listen here.

any of your website and/or social media handles you’d like us to include / highlight?

You can check out my website at


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