One-on-ones & small groups

Are you eager to learn how to better support queer and trans people in your life or faith community, but feeling intimidated by what you read online?

Or maybe you have questions that would help to deepen your understanding but don’t have an appropriate place to ask them?

Questions like:

  • What’s the difference between the L and G and B and T and Q and I and A?

  • Isn’t the word “queer” offensive? What is queer theology?

  • What does it mean to be trans? Non-binary? Gender non-conforming?

  • How can I make my faith community trans inclusive?

  • What are bisexuality and pansexuality about and why can’t we just say “gay” or “straight?”

  • How can there be more than two genders?

  • How can I support my queer or trans kid?

  • How do I make sense of God and scripture in light of LGBTQ affirmation?

Or, maybe you’re queer or trans yourself and you could use a pastor to discuss your:

  • queer values or relationship structures

  • belief system or faith community

  • gender identity or sexuality

Whichever the case, we offer one-hour personal online video calls that are conversational, compassionate, and grounded in the knowledge that we are all on a journey. We can’t know things until we learn them, and we’re here to help you do just that.

One hour sessions are $50 per person or $150 for a group of up to five people. As ministers, we take your confidentiality seriously and will treat these sessions with the privacy and respect they deserve. For needs beyond education and pastoral care, we encourage reaching out to a licensed therapist or psychologist.

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