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*We have received a beautiful abundance of applications and are putting a pause on receiving further inquiries at this time. We will update this listing if we are inviting additional applications. Thank you for your interest!*

enfleshed is seeking a part-time co-director to work alongside enfleshed co-founders Rev. M Jade Kaiser (they/them) and Rev. Anna Blaedel (they/them). 

ABOUT ENFLESHED: enfleshed creates and facilitates spiritual resources for collective liberation through prayer, liturgies, art, meditations, teaching, and other forms of writing, community, and expression. enfleshed was birthed in 2017 out of a deep longing for engagement with the Sacred through collective, liberative, creative, and nourishing practices and ideas unencumbered by dogma, religious respectability politics, or denominational ties. While we began solidly among the fringes of the Christian tradition, we are increasingly a more queerly and less clearly defined collective of people who share liberative spiritual values from a multiplicity of religious locations.

Our intentions and efforts are to center the wisdom, experiences, and desires of those traditionally on the fringes of dominant institutions, theologies, and politics. Our values align with the poets, the healers, the truth-tellers, the tender and fierce, the messy and untidy, the seekers, the queer, and the strange ones across spiritual traditions. Inviting transformation – internal, material, and collective – we share offerings of nonconforming embodiments of faith, ancient and unfolding. With attention to the Sacred in the flesh of the earth and all creaturely forms, we find Divinity in the entangled, fleeting, beautiful and aching nature of this “one wild and precious life.” (Mary Oliver)

ABOUT THE POSITION: The permanent title of this co-director position will be co-created with the chosen candidate to reflect their particular gifts and desires, while including the responsibilities outlined below. This unique role requires a combination of particular skills, wisdom, training, passions, personality, and relational energy. 


  • Supporting enfleshed’s financial sustainability through fundraising; 
  • Nurturing relationships within our community and with partners; 
  • Contributing to our creative spiritual resources (with a deep commitment to and skill in centering liberative ideas and theologies, with particular emphasis on upending white supremacies in spiritual/theological work);
  • Fundraising/grant writing/building deeper donor relationships;
  • Cultivating partnerships and new relationships with writers/creatives/volunteers/etc
  • Contributing to creative projects co-envisioned by directors and board/creative council;
  • Writing for our liturgy library and custom liturgy requests;
  • Nurturing and facilitating relationships with and among our boards and creative council to support involvement;
  • Sharing in admin tasks with other directors;
  • Optional engagement in public theology through external invitations to speak, lead, write, etc on behalf of enfleshed (this would fall outside of the 20 hours, and be compensated according to future co-negotiated staff policy mentioned below).


  • Deep immersion and extensive experience in applying spiritual, theological, and ethical depth, systems and power analysis, and creativity toward collective transformation;
  • Creative writing experience;
  • Experience in resource development/ fundraising (with excitement about applying these commitments);
  • Enthusiasm for relationship building and bringing others into co-creation;
  • Spiritual and emotional depth that values complexity, tenderness, and honesty
  • Valuing the transgressive role of joy, laughter, and play in liberation work;
  • Applied experience with and deep commitment to queer and anti-racist theologies, practices, and values;
  • Ability to articulate knowledge and application of a variety of non-dominant theological frameworks with an ability and desire to grow in knowledge of less familiar lenses;
  • Experience leading, writing, or curating liturgies (not necessarily in a church setting);
  • MDiv, MTS, ThM, MA in religious studies, theology, or other related field, or similar applied lived learning experiences;
  • Ability to articulate the role of spiritual resources in social transformation;
  • Excitement about co-shaping the work of enfleshed and a strong commitment to collaborative relationships and decision-making among enfleshed collective;
  • Interest in practicing a non-hierarchical work environment where directors mutually support and hold one another accountable to our shared work as well as experimenting in creative approaches to our organizational life;
  • Ability to attend board meetings, creative council meetings, and collaborate with directors during a flexible but regular set of work-day hours;
  • Strong preference for grant writing experience.

THEOLOGICAL CONTEXT: Identifying with Christianity is not a prerequisite for this position. A strong applicant will be well acquainted with many of the theological, political, and philosophical influences at play among those who are Christian, but as enfleshed strives to queer the boundaries of static spiritual/religious borders, we welcome and celebrate the right candidate from any theological or spiritual location invested in expanding enfleshed’s work. A willingness to be publicly critical of the role of the institutional church in the formation and sustaining of dominance within the US and globally is required. As is a willingness to resource and support those seeking to practice Christianity with the aim of collective liberation.

LOCATION: This position is remote with a flexible schedule, paid time off, and remote office support. We hope this position will lead to a thriving budget where additional benefits will be made available. We regret that we are currently only able to receive applications from within the United States. 

COMPENSATION: The position will begin at $25/hr for 20 hours a week, with potential for an increase in hours if desired and as budget allows. (Co-directors M and Anna will also work part-time and earn $25/hr.) There will also be co-negotiation of a staff policy around additional pay/hours for acquired speaking/writing opportunities through enfleshed. Since our formation in 2017, enfleshed has been actively trying to practice creativity and flexibility within our internal organizational life that are in alignment with our external proclamations. We aim to continue that in partnership with a third director.

TO APPLY: Please send a resume, a one-page cover letter that introduces your interest in the position and what makes you particularly eligible for fulfilling this unique role, with 2-3 writing samples that showcase your creativity, ethics, and theology to info@enfleshed.com with the subject line, “enfleshed Co-Director.” Applications will begin to be reviewed on July 25th with initial interviews scheduled in early August. We will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until the right match emerges.

Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color of all genders, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds, are highly encouraged to apply!

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