A prayer for receiving correction with openness

Spirit of Truth,
all that has shaped me –
my experiences of joy and pain, both
are held in your embrace with care.
I take comfort that you know what is in my heart.
You meet me in my intentions, and nurture what is good.
You take delight in my desire to be generous and kind.

But where there is love-within,
striving to become an outward expression,
and still doing harm nonetheless,
come with your gentle correction.

When the limitations of my knowledge and experience
inevitably mean I do wrong even when I strive to do right –
using words that sting or pronouns that misgender,
unknowingly living in complicity with systems that hurt my neighbors,
or otherwise furthering power dynamics that demean –
when others care enough to hold me accountable and believe I can do better,
may I be less interested in defending myself
and more in learning a new lesson of love.
May I be most concerned with the impact of my actions on others – listening, reflecting, and changing course.

May I not linger too long in wallowing or guilt, nor expect those I harm to tend my discomfort.
Guide my discernment in what I need to hold or let go.

If I feel insecure, may I remember what is true:
We all mess up. A lot.
Correction is an act of love.
Evil has taught us so many lies we must unlearn.
We need each other – for this work of collective liberation.

At each day’s end, may I rest in the knowledge that I am loved, I am valuable, and my persistence in showing-up to the needs of the world with humility, courage, and conviction will be made fruitful in you.


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