A Prayer for the Critically Ill in the time of Coronavirus

Divine Companion,
when loved ones, strangers, and kin are tucked away in isolation,
fighting for their breath and yearning for home,
the chasm between us feels impossible to bear.

Will you, Sacred One,
whisper to them the words of comfort we long to speak?
Will you wrap your embrace around them as if our arms?
Let their hands feel our gentle squeeze.
Their cheek, our kiss.
Upon their chest, a calming hand,
a promise of our care through the rising and falling,
in every reach for life…
Assure them of your love, and ours.
Call for a holy cloud of witnesses to surround –
draw close every saint who knew and loved them.

You do not abandon anyone to suffer alone.
Wherever there is pain, fear, or distress,
You are already there,
willingly sharing with us in our hardest hours.

If death comes,
welcome them gently into the fold of eternal love
where peace and rest await.

In life and in death,
we take refuge in your Presence that stretches across time and space,
a Sacred meeting place where we find each other
even when we are apart.
May it be so.

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