A Ritual When Feeling Unwanted

Directions: Feel free if you are able or willing to turn on soft instrumental music.

“Who loves you?”

Let us allow this question to sit.
I allow this question to float to the top of my mind and heart.
Gently. Slowly. Rhythmically.
Acknowledging the loneliness.
The ache.
The barren.

“Who loves you?”
It’s ok to acknowledge the music playing, and allow the soft melodies to envelop like a blanket.

“Who loves you?”
Finally allowing this question to pierce through.
It’s ok to think of and observe the names and faces of those whom you love and love you back as they come to mind.
There will be some surprise at some of those making an appearance as you meditate here.

“Who loves you?”
I rest firmly on the fact that if nobody else does, I at least love myself.

-Robert Monson

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