Advent blessing – playing pretend

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season of advent.
active preparation.
radical play and sacred pretendings –
we practice the future,
making the impossible possible
with the fearlessness of children,
unrestrained by the stale logics of what is.

a divine invitation extends:
do not be afraid.
try on dreams of tomorrow.
experiment with and for each other
moving together imaginatively,
in conflict. in rest. in material distribution.

we play until practice makes possible;
counter-performance constructs a counter-reality.
community preparing the way.
this is the time to try on the world to come;
to bring it close(r)
one small, ordinary, practice at a time.

practice, practice, practice.
neither a new way nor a new world
will come to us all at once.
not quickly.
not without failure(s).
not without patience and determination
but through holy repetition –
radical rituals of hope and curiosity,
of learning and unlearning,
mending and repairing,
inventing alternative habits of power,
that construct life anew.
divinity takes on flesh.
salvation draws near.

– Rev. M Jade Kaiser, enfleshed

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