An enfleshed reinterpretation of 1 Corinthians 2:6-8, 10-14.

Those who have been listening for quite some time now embrace wisdom. Not the wisdom of this age or its rulers – for their thrones will crumble. But God’s wisdom.

This wisdom is not easily perceived. It is hidden. Tucked away. Concealed. Covered up. Not by God but by all that works against God. But not to worry. Those who search earnestly for it will find it. In lingering. And paying attention. In unlearning. And shifting loyalties. In finding ourselves in each other. Glimpses, even, will do wonders.

This wisdom has been around so much longer than any of us. It is the life and breath and love and beauty that brought humanity into being – and everything else that lives. It sustained ancestors in eras of terror. It is how joy is cultivated in periods of despair. It is the most trustworthy thing.

If those in seats of unjust power were humble enough to understand such wisdom, they would recognize that their violent destruction leads to their demise as well.

Through the Spirit, we are able to perceive this wisdom. The Spirit sifts through everything – all the soundbites, the false promises, the fear, and the threats. Even all the claims made about God – the Spirit searches every single one. She makes known what is deceit, what is evil, what is meant for good but still brings pain. She brings the truth to surface and awakens our capacities to choose another way.

The abundant gifts of God surround us in power. The Spirit helps those who desire to grow in love and justice to recognize these gifts and their incarnation among all that the wisdom of this age rejects, despises, and condemns.

Those who refuse to listen to Love will keep calling what is foolish wise, and what is wisdom, folly.

– Rev. M Jade Kaiser, enfleshed

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