Because individualism is destructive

Individualism is destructive.
Send greed and selfishness away.
That learned refusal to acknowledge
your own need for help –
let it be gone as well.

When possible,
counter all impulses towards privatized survival
with acts of love – collective and expansive –
with caring for others and accepting care.

Remember we need each other.
Remember the needs of your neighbors (literal and metaphorical).
Remember the vulnerable.
Remember, we are in this together, even when we don’t act like it.

People depend on your choices –
you depend on the choices of others.
This, a Sacred and terrible truth woven into our flesh.

So let this time be an opening
to all the sources of connection we have lost in this era of
and pushing-the-pace.

Let all that is soft, all that is slow, all that is gentle,
all that is kind, all that is care-ful,
be welcome home in each of us.
We have such creative, powerful, generous and brave capacities within us.
We can choose to do things differently.

– Rev. M Jade Kaiser, enfleshed

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