Beware of False Prophets (Matthew 7:15-20)


Beware of false prophets.
Watch for wolves draped in sheep’s clothing.
They wear religious garb and make pronouncements from their positions on high. They speak patronizingly of love, of learning to get along, of overcoming our differences while turning their eyes and minds from imbalances of power.
They throw the sheep in their care into the same pens
as the wolves of white supremacy, the wolves of heterosexism, the wolves of misogyny, the wolves of transphobia, the wolves of capitalism.
They chide from afar, “Get along now. It’s the Christian way!”
Their message sounds sweet but will turn the stomach sour.
It nourishes only for a moment, no nutrients for the roots.
You will know those who preach good news by their fruits.
By their words, have the oppressed been set free?
Have their teachings resulted in actions of justice?
Do their ways lead to a world turned on its head, the lowly lifted up and the powerful brought low?
Take heed: there are some who preach love but the love is shallow.
It keeps them secure. It keeps things comfortable. It shifts things only enough to meet the present version of “culturally acceptable.”
It keeps oppressed and oppressor in their present roles, but gives the illusion of sacred pursuit.
The love of God is just – it disrupts and transforms oppressive power for the benefit of all.
The justice of God is loving – it heals and frees and makes new for the benefit of all.
Beware of false prophets.
They will tell you of green pastures,
but lead you to barren lands.
-enfleshed, inspired by Matthew 7:15-20.

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