Grieving Takes Time

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*There is no one way to grieve. Despite any cues that might try to convince us that it is time to move on or that our grief “shouldn’t be that deep”, grief comes to us in many ways and at many times. Sometimes like a gentle caress and at other times like a torrential downpour. How we choose to mark time in these cycles of grief are sacred, beautiful, holy. Consider this ritual for when the waves of grief come to you.

In my grief I recognize that something was cut off.
Something precious.
An expectation, a desire, a job, a loved one
There is a chasm between where I am now
And the object of my affection.
I acknowledge this with my whole heart
Knowing that I can be honest here
Transparent here.
Loved here.

*If this helps you to accompany the ritual, please consider doing something related to cultivating living. I buy flowers regularly as something to help connect myself to the present and to beauty. When I attend to my flowers I know that I am rooted here in the present. When I touch the petals of the plants it helps me to acknowledge the grief that I am experiencing even as I experience beauty.

– Robert Monson

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