On Gratitude

To pause and give thanks
is to pay attention to the parts of living
that bring delight,
turn us from what destroys
and make life rich –
whatever else may also be.

This practice of intentional remembering
helps realign our perspective
with the whole truth of our lives.

When bitterness,
or fear,
or grief,
become the whole view,
gratitude points us to
the beauty-also
and the love-anyway
and the simple-pleasures that surround.
Our steady companions in life’s complexities.

We honor the Sacred,
we honor each other,
we honor the earth and our creaturely companions
when we remember this web of life that holds us.
All its terrors.
All its gifts.

Gratitude paired with denial
about all that calls for mending and repair
will not satisfy for long.

But gratitude that is alive to all that is,
a sibling of sorrow, cousin of rage,
so aware of the ache and the loss and injustice –
but still seeing cause to pray:
“thank you, thank you, thank you”
is to feast on the nourishment of God.

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