Palm Sunday Prayerpoem

Palm Sunday Prayerpoem

We cry to the Spirit of Christ,
who takes on flesh
and moves among us.

Save us!!
From the idols of unity
that keep the weight of our collective problems
on the backs of the suffering and oppressed.

Save us!!
From toxic understandings of gender
that confine
that destroy
that encourage violence
against self and other.

Save us!!
From colorblindness that hides
the destruction of white supremacy.
From white fragility
that keeps away honesty and change.
From performance politics
that prioritize perception over action.
From the limits of identity politics and representation
that oversimplify paths to freedom.

Save us!!
From corporations who make a profit
through advertisements and campaigns
that project social concerns
all while evading their taxes
and destroying our planet.

Save us!!
From an impossible pace
not meant for survival
only for production.

Save us!!
From the violence done in the name of the law through:
Police brutality
The war on drugs
Deportations and violence at the border
Abuse of incarcerated trans women
Stop and frisk
The criminalization of sex work
And all that drives a morality
shaped by dominance and control

Save us!!
From easy answers.
From individualism.
From liberal theologies that perpetuate the status quo.
From binary thinking.
From #notallmen #notallwhitepeople #notallchrisitians
From our desire to hold onto unjust power.
From our fear of claiming righteous power.

Save us!!
From churches that do violence
and from churches who do not disrupt
violence against us.

Save us!!
From our struggle to believe
we have what we need
to manifest Christ in our lives
and create a different way of living together.

You free us from traps of guilt.
You show us the way of liberation
that welcomes all who desire justice and healing.
Your grace leads us in learning and unlearning.
You manifest both softly and fiercely.
Your Love is a catalyst that opens possibilities
we cannot yet imagine.
Turn us towards each other.
Our salvation is collective.

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