Pentecost is coming

A goose flies with wings outstretched across a white sky with hints of grey clouds

Pentecost is coming.
It will be an end and a beginning.
It will bewilder and confuse.
Though some will fight it,
the aching world calls it forth with urgency.

Come, Spirit, come.

The Spirit who moves like “a rush of violent wind…”
Who appears like fire…
Who is the breath of God…
She comes to us unconcerned with order,
wild with freedom,
turning over anything and everything that stands in Her way.

Let Her come and fill our mouths with words we didn’t know we could speak.
Let Her come and help us hear in languages we once could not understand.
She is being poured out.
The people will prophesy.
The heavens will draw near.
The chorus of voices-past will join in
and proclaim the truth of God.
Justice will come.

Do not be like the ones who sneer and ask, “are they drunk?”
Do not be surprised by what’s happening as if
the scriptures and history and the prophets have not foretold…
You’ve heard it said –
The sun will burn out and the moon turn to blood
before the day of Justice arrives.

Instead, open your hearts
and pray that God’s grace
may carry you into the Kindom.

Let courage rise up.
Let passion enflame.
Let love transform.
Let weeping fill the land.
There will be no peace until there is justice.
No healing until wrongs are made right.

Come, Spirit, Come.
And turn the world of evil upside-down.

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