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Blessing When a Beloved Pet Dies

What love we have for you, __________.
Oh, that we could spend our whole lives with you by our side.

Your affection, your warm bodily presence, has taught us connection and tenderness beyond words. You wove joy into our days and groundedness into our lives. We treasure the particularities that made you, your _______ (list favorite characteristics of your pet if you like).

The floors of our home will long for the sound of your paws,
our hands will ache for the feel of your fur,
our days ahead will be filled with grief without you here—
Spirit of the Bereaved, comfort us in our sorrow!

__________, thank you for your friendship.
Thank you for teaching us about living in the present moment.
It was a deep honor to be your companion.
Your steadfast love has changed who we are.

[This blessing was written with cats and dogs in mind; adjust accordingly for other pets]

Blessing for Compassionately Helping a Pet Die

_____________, we are helping you die peacefully because we love you and we do not want you to suffer. We are choosing your comfort over our wish for more time with you, though it breaks our hearts. Forgive us if you do not understand. Forgive us if there is anything at all that needs forgiving.

____________, may you be held in the compassion flowing from us. May you have peace in your body and ease seamlessly into everlasting embrace, rejoined with the Cosmic Love from which you came. Just as you have held us in your love, we hold you now.

[if you like, follow this blessing with “Blessing When a Beloved pet Dies”]
[tip: if you are crying too hard to read the blessing, call a friend and have them read it for you]

-Rev. Molly Bolton

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