For grief and loss

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Where we find each other

God of love, God of peace,
Come and comfort all who are grieving.
Weep with those in sorrow.
Gather round the circles of remembrance.
Hear the choirs of gratitude,
and make Holy all that pours from broken hearts.

May your eternal embrace,
your forever love,
your Divine Presence that is before death,
companions through death,
and rises after death,
be the resting place –
the place of return –
where we can always find each other.

– Rev. M Jade Kaiser, enfleshed

When the tears come

When the tears come,
hold out your hands.
Like the last leaves
quivering on empty branches,
finally accepting
the closure of a season,
let them fall
and softly
onto your palms.
Receive them as an offering.
In praise of your strength.
In honor of your tenderness.
In forgiveness of your regrets.
In acceptance of loss.
You will find God
praying with you.
They’ll light a candle for every tear.
They’ll place a flower on your hands like an altar.
They’ll chant softly to the tune of your weeping.
No words are needed for this kind of worship.
When the heart gets a moment to catch its breath
and pain is released like a long slow exhale
the Sacred draws close
to hear the testimony.
of your grief.


– Rev. M Jade Kaiser, enfleshed



So thin is the veil

God is the God of the living:
the One who keeps love alive,
the One who holds all that was
and is and ever will be,
the One who makes even
what has died alive again.
In the presence of God,
we feel the closeness of eternity
and the breath of our ancestors.
So thin is the veil
between us and the heavens.


– Rev. M Jade Kaiser, enfleshed

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