Psalm 4 – remix

This piece was originally published on the UCC Worship Ways website.
God, The Advocate –
Make thy true self known!
How long will your name be used to prop up those in power?
As they lash out in insecure anguish,
feeling their thrones
with scripture they suppress!
Through these words of kings past,
they hear their own pain,
rebuking those who protest their rule.
Individualizing struggles,
fearing collective power,
they encourage us to pray through our problems –
alone and in silence.
Too many of them say:
“Oh that things might never change!
May God protect the powers and principalities.”
Meanwhile, they call their harvests blessed,
feasting off of others’ famine;
with wine and grain they bury their shame,
and call it a peaceful night’s rest.
O God, our Advocate!
For all our sake,
make thy true self known.

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