Psalm 78 – remix

Originally published on the UCC Worship Ways website

Beloveds, remember this!
Though we speak in modern language,
these holy truths reach from generations past.
The sacred stories we tell are made of the stuff that lasts
when everything else fades away.
They come from sources of wisdom tried and tested
through struggle and silence.
When the ones before us were pressed to their spiritual limits,
bound by oppressive restraints,
made weary by loss,
these truths were a lifeline.
It reaches to us still today.
It is our medicine, our strength, our memory, our future.
No matter the risks we face,
we will not sever the threads of wisdom
that weave our survival together.
We will carry on
and carry out these divine teachings,
that promise hope beyond our reach.
We will tell the stories of God.
We will not allow histories to become hidden –
not their ugly nor their glory.
For God has always set free through truths,
proclaimed and practiced.
This lineage of liberation that
companions through the impossible and the unimaginable
dare not end with us.

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