Remix of Romans 8:38-39 – Neither death nor life…

For I am convinced,
that neither death, nor life,
neither the things that bring us pleasure,
nor the things that seek to make us feel ashamed,
neither threats from the state,
nor any structure of dominance,
neither the legacies of harm freshly unfolding,
nor any that are still to come,
neither the days when life feels unlivable,
nor the days when loving ourselves comes easy,
neither doctrines of hate,
nor pastors who condemn,
neither respectability politics,
nor bigots nor bullies,
neither fatigue,
nor passion,
neither regrets,
nor having zero f*cks left to give,
neither the struggles we cannot yet name,
nor the ones that always seem to stay the same,
nor anything else in all of creation,
will be able to separate us from Love.

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