For an end to violence against sex workers


A prayer for the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

God who takes on flesh of the sinned-against,
who defends those made vulnerable
by hate,
by stigma,
by unjust laws and misdirected judgment,
who speaks softly to those treated harshly,
may your justice draw near.
Have mercy, O God,
on the ones who are scorned
by those who sit on thrones of privileged judgment
by those who have been taught to hate the spirit of eros and their own bodies
by those who cry for an end to misogyny, transphobia, white supremacy, and poverty
while passing laws that criminalize and further endanger those living at the intersections
finding ways to survive, to thrive, to build community and to make a living through sex work.
You, O God, turn your face from the proud and haughty.
You turn towards love, compassion, freedom, and collective care in all its forms.
In your embrace, may our siblings taken by violence rest in peace eternal.
By your spirit, may those who keep watch, care for, and protect one another be strengthened.
Through the fire of your justice may victim-blaming be incinerated and all that excuses, encourages, or affirms violence against sex workers be brought to ashes.