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Updates on complaint against Rev. Anna Blaedel in the UMC


The Committee On Investigation has voted to refer the bill of charges to trial. Rev. Anna Blaedel is “charged with the offense of practices declared by The United Methodist Church to be incompatible with Christian teachings, specifically being a self-avowed and practicing homosexual, pursuant to Paragraph 2702.1(b) of the Book of Discipline.”

The trial date, TBD, will be set by the Bishop of the Iowa AC.

Read Anna's reflection here. 


WHO: Anna (they/them) is the co-founder and theologian-in-residence at enfleshed where they bring an attentiveness to the intersections of academic, activist, and ecclesial engagement. They are enrolled in a PhD program in Theological and Philosophical Studies at Drew University's Graduate Division on Religion. Due to challenges related to the ongoing complaints as well as the need to focus on dissertation writing, they recently stepped down from the position of Director of Spiritual Formation and Campus Minister for the University of Iowa Wesley Foundation where they now serve on a part-time basis.

WHAT: On Maundy Thursday of 2018, a third complaint was filed against Rev. Anna Blaedel on the basis of being "a self-avowed practicing homosexual" and clergy-person in The United Methodist Church.

Complaint #3 has been in process for a year and a half now and has contributed to significant vocational, relational, and financial losses. Anna has been strident in their witness to the belovedness of queer lives and loves, living faithfully to their beliefs and asking the the same of their colleagues.

The complaint is currently in the hands of the Committee On Investigation, tasked with "investigating the allegations made in the judicial complaint and to determine if reasonable grounds exist to bring a bill of charges and specifications to trial.”

 The hearing will take place on August 8, 2019. Anna will be accompanied by their legal counsel, Rev. Tyler Schwaller, and both of their families and beloveds.

You can read about the outcome of the preliminary hearing here.

You can read about complaint #1 in 2016 (also for being a self-avowed practicing homosexual) here and #2 in 2017 (for officiating a queer wedding) here.

WHY: In February of 2019, the UMC tightened its grip on anti-LGBTQ policies that have been in place for almost 50 years now. Countless queer people have been turned away from churches, their calling, their communities. You can read about the long-standing anti-queer policies in the UMC here. 

If you are media or otherwise have questions about this process, please be in touch with Rev. M Barclay at

If you would like to support Rev. Anna Blaedel's ongoing ministry, the below campaign will support their writing - for enfleshed and dissertation - their witness, and their additional contributions to the ministry of enfleshed. 

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