Trans Day of Visibility

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To those who are stuck in homes with unsupportive or unknowing parents, partners, or roommates. You who don't get to hear your true name spoken by those you love most. You who must hide. You who keep putting your heart out there only to have it returned back to you. You who have to tuck away all the things that make you feel most you, most seen, most known because they are not welcome in your home.

To all those who are imprisoned by racist, transphobic, sexist, anti-sex worker laws and practices...You who know days like TDOV too often leave you out. You who are feeling more afraid, more invisible than ever.

To all the beloveds for whom life just feels too hard. You who struggle to find places of rest, of hope, of joy. You who wonder how long you can endure. (please stay with us, precious one)

To all the elders, you faithful saints, who are feeling vulnerable. To all the youth without a place to call home. You who were just laid off and fear no one else will hire you. You who cannot access the gender-affirming care you need. You who are just tired of the every day blows of a transphobic world. You who don't expect any better. You whose struggle is never named. You who don't fit into any of the mainstream narratives of what it means to be trans. You who are erased. You who want so much more for your people than a flashy day of visibility on social media. You who long for a community of faith but have no affirming place to turn. You who still struggle to feel your worth and who cannot yet believe that the love and affirmation of God is yours.

Though you may feel invisible. Though the world, at times, may treat you as such, still - you are not invisible. Nor are your struggles. The Holy One knows you, sees you, speaks your name with love and tenderness. The Holy One delights in you and accompanies you in struggle, an ever-present source of strength and wisdom. May you sense Love's affirmation of your being and becoming. May you sense the Divine power in you. May you sense your connection to your trans kin - those who came before, those who live today, those who are yet to come. There is so much Sacredness among us. May you be assured, above all, that you and your life are precious, deserving of safety, respect, material resources, and love. We keep reminding each other and working together to make it so.

- Rev. M Barclay, enfleshed