Weekly prayer

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All prayers should be used with printed credit to enfleshed unless otherwise noted.

blessed are you who are raging.
blessed are you who are mourning.
blessed are you who feel numb.
blessed are you who feel sick. and tired. and sick and tired.
blessed are you who refuse to turn away.
blessed are you who need to turn away.
blessed are you who keep breathing deep.
blessed are you who are tending to your own needs.
blessed are you who are tending to the needs of another.
blessed are you who have been calling.
blessed are you who have been organizing.
blessed are you who have been testifying.
blessed are you who have been hearing.
blessed are you who have been resisting.
blessed are you who feel broken open beyond repair.
blessed are you who are raw beyond words.
blessed are you who are working hotlines and crisis care centers and bearing witness to the forces of violence and trauma unleashed and unloosed.
blessed are you who are marching.
blessed are you who are weeping.
blessed are you who preach and know that divinity resides in despised, abused, violated flesh.
blessed are you who know deep in your bones that you are good. and beautiful. and beloved. and sacred. and worthy. and believed. and held. and capable of healing beyond your wildest imagination.
blessed are you who remind others they are good. and beautiful. and beloved. and sacred. and worthy. and believed. and held. and capable of healing beyond their wildest imagination.
blessed are we when we dare to dream of a world without sexual violence, without white supremacy, without misogyny, without police brutality, without anti-trans and anti-queer violence.
blessed are we when we stay tender.
blessed are we when we stay fierce.
blessed are we when we dare to imagine repair, and transformation.
blessed are we when we labor together to make it so.
- Rev. Anna Blaedel
Theologian In Residence at enfleshed

You dwell in the core of our being.
In those places where our deepest pain and our greatest potential comingle,
you are there.
You whisper softly in the places we are most afraid,
gently calling forth our power.
Though voices old and new speak words of dominance,
attempting to build walls around our own possibility of becoming,
there is a strength that cannot be taken away from us.
No matter the lies, no matter the laws, no matter what has been done.
From our depths, you rise in us
with words of truth begging to be spoken to power
with fierce love ready to transform
with collective rage with the potential to set free
with hope 
that together we can be healers.
Rise up, O God, in the flesh of angry women.
Rise up, O God, from within every nonbinary beloved.
Rise up, O God, and ignite the passion of men to tear down the thrones of the cishet white supremacist patriarchy. 
Let us settle no longer 
for that which makes us too small,
for that which silences,
for that which destroys,
for that which wishes for us to believe
there is no other way.

Wild One,
holy agitator,
you desire to rouse us.
Your Spirit moves like an unexpected wind,
stirring everything up -
you show no concern for etiquette.
Once or twice a year, we delight in this part of you.
But most of the time, we do our best
to tame you
to cage you
to confine you
to our obsessions with order, with rules, with systems, with traditions, and mostly with control.
Those in power fear what a God that isn't institutionalized might take away from them.
If the wild in you brings out the wild in us
chains could break,
towers could topple,
table manners might be exchanged for table flipping.
We were not meant for so much concrete, for so many walls, for such little room to grow.
Forgive us, O God, for every creature and creation torn down by the altar of "civilized."
In the name of every life lost, every soul that has to shrink, every one of us feeling the weight of surveillance culture on our backs,
eyes of observance monitoring at all times,
we pray for the courage to set ourselves free.
Make us wild in dreaming, wild with hunger for liberation, wild with love.


God of sleeping and waking,
in every state of our being,
be near.

In our dreams, invite us into your creative vision of what could be: of who we could become and what we could create together. Nourish our imagination with glimpses of justice that is full and healing that is rich.

In our waking up, may we do so with acceptance of the day that closed and embrace of the day that is opening. May your lovingkindness guide us in both accountability to our friends, neighbors, and beloveds and in grace that keeps us from being weighed down by that which we can no longer control.

When we long to sleep but find ourselves awake in the middle of the night, wrestling with the world, our past, our future, or anxieties that don't yet have names, may your Spirit of Peace be embrace us.

When we struggle to stay awake - bone tired, soul heavy - longing for relief that is too far off, uphold us.

As we move through these cycles of rest and labor, when they are balanced just right and when they are all out of whack, be the constant source that guides our life in peace, courage, and assurance of your love for us.


Mother of us all,
give us a glimpse of your hopes for us.
You, in perpetual labor,
constantly pushing,
seeking to bear new life
in us,
despite us,
among us.
You carry us in your depths.
You nurture us by your own body.
You groan through the pain
of birthing
new possibilities
without promise of what they will become.
Help us to see the potential
that keeps you pushing,
day after day.
What keeps you so hopeful about us,
that you choose not to stop
even when we deny
where we come from,
in what image we are made,
or the capabilities we possess?
Do you pray for us, as you push?
"One day
maybe today
it could be today
make it be today
they will live into
these possibilities
for new life to thrive."
Thanks be, Mothering One,
for your strength,
your hope,
your everlasting love.

Spirit of Creation,
you move in and through us like breath.
When our circumstances feel suffocating, you draw us back into the rhythms of Life that were before us and will be beyond us.

Rhythms that are slow.
Rhythms that accept times of death and times of re-birth.
Rhythms that persevere but don't force.
Rhythms that embrace change.

Rhythms that encourage every indivudal in the direction of the whole's well-being.
Together, every creature and creation, yearning for life:

Every blade of growing grass breaking through soil, reaching for the light of the sun.

Every mother bear watching over her cubs day and night, protecting vulnerable life.

Every saint refusing to compromise on the dignity of your people, enfleshing radical love.

When our schedules and our machines and our media and our words make us forget that we are creatures among creation, vulnerable flesh, beloved parts of a whole,

may we find you again in our inhales and our exhales, pacing our breath with the spirit of life that has always been pulsing through creation, connecting everything that is across millenia.

In our striving for life, we are not the first and we will not be the last.
May our beating hearts and every rise and fall of our lungs remind us we are never alone - not for a single breath.

God of Sabbath,
God of rest,
God who wandered off into the wilderness when everything became too much,
help us listen to the needs
of our bodies,
of our souls,
of our dreams,
of the communities we belong to.

You did not create us in the image of machines, in the image of production, in the image of never-stop.

You created us in the image of freedom, of beauty, of love, of compassion, of potential for deep and intimate relationship.

May we question all that would have us trade in the potential of our becoming for the ability to make more, sell more, buy more, or be more.

May we challenge all the structures organizing our lives to pit survival against creativity, invidual against collective, private against public, working to meet basic needs against the ability to live abundantly in relationship and rest.

May we commit to boundaries. To breaks. To disrupting patterns of productivty-at-all-costs.

May we embrace what you have told us - before we were born, you delighted in us. Our value, our belovedness, our worth cannot be subtracted by doing less or added to by achieving more.

Give us the courage to believe it, the will to practice it, and the faith to overcome every system that keeps others from the ability to do so as well.