Sacred Queer Blessing Cards

Just before the pandemic turned so much upside down, we at enfleshed were working to create a resource for queer and trans people to gather together in their own homes and communities around table and spirituality. As the pandemic hit, that project necessarily transformed and became another lovely thing instead – the Vita Divina Project. 

Now we have a few thousand of these cards with a queer dinner blessing that we intended to distribute along with our resource. They need homes! Would you like a stack available at your faith community? To pass out at pride? To give to your friends?

We are distributing them in packs of 50 or more so when you select a quantity of 1 item, 1 = 50 cards.
If you pay $25/item and ask for 1 item, you will be contributing $25 for 50 total cards.

We are asking for a minimum $10 contribution to help us cover this cost. Ultimately, we hope for these resources to simply find their way to those who would enjoy them. And – we also depend on the generous contributions of those who are able to help sustain us financially.

You can read the full text on the back, here.

The lovely illustration was created by FrizzKid. Questions or trouble? Email us at

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