sacred incantations – PDF digital deck + book download

Download a PDF version of the book of rituals and the deck of corresponding images. This project features 76 incantations (words to be repeated with intention) separated into four seasons of life: germinating, rooting, blooming, decaying. 19 different artists each interpreted incantations from all four seasons; one additional artist, Ben Eshleman, created the stunning dandelion card-backs and the book cover.  All 20 artists identify within the trans, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming communities.

The corresponding book includes a short ritual or meditation to go with each incantation. Authors include 50 writers who identify within the trans, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming communities and one beloved cis writer.

It’s a beautiful constellation of trans wisdom – read about the ideas behind the project in the ‘about’ section here.

If you’re a trans or otherwise non-cis person interested in this project but finding it difficult to contribute financially, send m an email at m @ with subject line [complimentary copy] and we’ll get you hooked up! We depend on contributions to keep this and our other projects funded so really appreciate those who can support in this way.


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