We Make Home – 2023 wall calendar

Every year, we create a contemplative wall calendar to bring some intention into our spaces all year long. This year’s theme is “we make home.” What does it look like, feel like, and make possible when we are truly home? This calendar imagines the possibilities of our making home together, despite, in the midst of, and in resistance to all the forces that deter us. You can order a 2023 version of last year’s theme, ‘practice makes possible,’ here or our 2021 theme ‘savor,’ here.

(Calendars are printed and shipped through a 3rd party and unlike other things we sell, we have very little control over these orders. While we haven’t ever had any problems with our calendar orders, we do want to be transparent that there are no changes we can make after an order is put through. Please contact us at info@enfleshed.com with any questions.)


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