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All Members of the enfleshed Board of Directors and associated Councils:

  • Commit to the mission and values of enfleshed and can articulate why, to them, the kind of ministry enfleshed does matters.
  • Commit to meaningful and ongoing relationships with each other as part of enfleshing justice, liberation, and delight.
  • Commit to two-year terms
  • Commit to being an enfleshed ambassador in their networks and communities (e.g., LinkedIn, email signature, professional bio, etc.).

Creative Council specific commitments:

  • Attend virtual creative council meetings every other month for input on creative projects, identifying potential partnerships, and imaginative visioning around ethics, projects, and organizational life.*
  • Engage more deeply in special projects as availability and desire meet.
  • Available as needed to advise and consult based on your expertise.
  • Respond via email with feedback on creative projects and questions.
  • Complete a two-year term, which may be repeated if agreed upon by self, Board colleagues, and enfleshed executive director.
  • Committed to annually donating, fundraising, and/or contributing in-kind donation of skills/services/creative offerings valued at $500. We welcome and celebrate creative and flexible approaches to making this collective contribution to enfleshed’s sustainability.
  • Share a skill-set to enable the Creative Council to fulfill its purpose (e.g. leading edge spiritual/religious dreaming, imagining, creating, and visioning; cultivating potential partnerships; curious experimenting; thinking in expansive, intersectional ways; ability to apply frameworks of identity / cultural humility / ability to apply an equity lens; scholarship and activism in the creative arts and/or religion/theology; experience with various communication mediums (podcasts, magazines, books, social media, etc), ability to connect deep analysis with visionary/transformative practices)

*Attendance guidelines: We know that by joining this board, this work is important to you, and your presence is important to us.  Our work is best when we have many voices in the room.  We also know that life happens, and you can’t always make it.  We want to know how we can best support you to engage in this work, even if you can’t attend every meeting.

Apply for the May 2022 – May 2024 board term by filling out the application below.

Applications will be open through Monday, April 18th. We hope to get back to every applicant by early May with our first gatherings in late May or early June.

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