co-director – theopoetics, ritual and grounding, and words of nourishment

Rev. Anna Blaedel is co-founder and co-director at enfleshed. For the first five years of enfleshed, Anna served as theologian-in-residence. They bring an attentiveness to the intersections of spiritual, academic, and activist engagement. Through enfleshed’s “moments for common nourishment,” a bi-monthly column, they bridge the forefront of religious scholarship and a passion for reimagining our ordinary, common, messy life as the site of Divine unfolding. Building on their study of theopoetics, relational philosophies of enfleshment, and anti-racist, feminist, queer and eco-theologies of liberation, once a month they will offer words for a sustaining, grounding, and enlivening spirituality in our current context.

Anna Blaedel (they/them) is co-director at enfleshed, where they tend to the theopoetic intersections of spiritual, academic, and activist engagement. Anna chaplains University of Iowa students, and is a doctoral candidate in Theological and Philosophical Studies at Drew University’s Graduate Division on Religion. Waking before dawn, lingering in poetry, being an aunt, retreating to the woods or their basement woodshop, tending the garden, sharing silence, and feeding people delicious food are some of Anna’s favorite things.

Media about Rev. Blaedel 

5/2/2019 – The Daily Iowan
Wesley Center’s openly queer pastor to resign amid church tensions

3/6/2019 – DesMoines Register
Iowa pastor expects to be shut out by United Methodist Church vote to continue LGBTQ ban

4/12/18 – Reconciling Ministries Network

Formal complaints filed against Rev. Blaedel…again.

7/7/2017 – United Methodist New Service

Gay clergywoman’s case heads to top court

5/13/2017 – Salon
War over gay clergy brings a whole religion to “the brink of schism”

5/11/17 – The Washington Times
Campus minister faces church discipline for same-sex wedding

5/10/17 – CBS Iowa
Campus minister faces discipline after officiating same-sex wedding

5/10/17 – Iowa City Press-Citizen
Campus minister at UI facing complaint over officiating same-sex wedding

4/28/17 – ThinkProgress
United Methodist ‘supreme court’ set to rule on fate of first openly gay bishop

12/10/2016 – The Des Moines Register
Basu: Iowa pastor right to force church to confront LGBT issues

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