The waiting before the coming

Black Madonna

By Rev. DaSaint

young colored girl
owned yet unclaimed
defined with no consideration
she is a desired liability
that no one tends to
she carries Hope in her womb
Joy in her heart
Love is her very existence
yet Peace is what she needs
it is what she seeks
in order to give birth to life
in a dying world

this young colored girl
is praised and ridiculed
for what she is able to produce
for our consumption
and we anticipate what is to come
without the intentional wait
without the inevitable wail
without the inquiry and wondering
what it means for her to deliver this gift
why she isn’t considered to be the prize
who is she if not for her willingness
to have pain, hold grief and hobber anger
only to release hope, love, joy and peace
in a place that doesn’t see her body, hear her voice, feel her presence

yet this young colored girl stays present
to what she believes to be the peace she needs
that will surpass all her understanding
to why she is so often overlooked and misunderstood
of being all that is good
all that is loved
all that is hoped for
this simple joy that is released into the world
was carried by a young colored girl
carrying the weight
as she wails and waits
Wonders and waits
Waits and waits
to deliver

A few years ago I fell in love with the image of the Black Madonna. I have wanted to section out an area in my home to commemorate Mary and declare her to be the Daughter Messiah for myself and others who wish to reclaim an image and a narrative of this great Saint. As a minister with a womanist lens, I am often seeking to learn more of the women in the Christian sacred text that are often omitted, overlooked and silenced. This holds true for even Mary, the mother of Jesus. Yet, every advent season we tend to what is to come with great expectation without considering the weight in the wait of this delivery and the journey before it is actually delivered.

Mary is at the center of the waiting. She is praised as the mother of the redeemer, and carries the weight of having to ensure the survival of this precious life. As young black and brown boys were being slain during this time under Herod’s order, she is navigating how to keep this child safe so that he lives and not die. This story sounds very familiar even in our modern time. We do not have to look very far to see the great nativity scene played out in our day-to-day. We do not have to reimagine it, nor recreate it to tell the story from an ancient perspective. It is a current reality that is lived by many black and brown folks, immigrants and indigenous people who are often waiting while carrying the weight for what is to come.

This advent season, the season of great anticipation, look for the Marys in the community who hold the weight and find ways to wait with them. Be with the ones who are heavy, burdened, and in deep grief, and come with a sense of hope, joy, love, and peace.

An Advent Call to Worship Haikus
hope waits. joy. love. peace.
the world is still being formed
let us co-create.

joy waits. hope. love. peace.
see the north star is shining
let us make our way.

love waits. hope. joy. peace.
light of the world you shine bright
let us also beam.

peace waits. hope. joy. love.
anticipate the coming
let us watch and wait.

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Rev. DaSaintRev. Dasha Saintremy is an Afro-Caribbean American, Womanist who goes by DaSaint. She is an artistic minister and a spiritual guide. She holds an MSW from Barry University and a MDiv from The Interdenominational Center of The Moorehouse School of Theology. She is currently a DMin candidate at Union Theological Seminary. Dasha is a certified yogi instructor and host weekly classes in her respite home WynEvaLand in Philadelphia, PA. DaSaint is also the founder of LiveLoveLiberate: A Sacred Space for Creative Expressions. She recently embarked on a radical path of launching a social media platform called Theology Talks You Like… Or Not! It is set to be released in January of 2020.
IG: _dasaint_
IG: wynevaland
FB: revdasaint
TW: revdasaint

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