When the people, Wind the people… We the People, Win the people!

By Rev. DaSaint

we the people,
when the people

we the people,
wind the people

we the people,
win the people

we the people,
when living in the wild
we wonder
we wander
we worry
we are weary
and we get weak
yet we are wise
to glean on the wisdom of those who
once were wanderers in the wild
Those who so often wondered of possibilities that
could not be seen yet dreamt
could not be felt yet believed
could not be heard yet hoped for

Is this what we hoped for?

we the people,
wind the people into resistance
wind the people to be resilient
wind the people to rest
this wind has ushered us to pay attention to our passion
and recalibrate our purpose into planned executions
to see how truly powerful we are in reclaiming what is ours
“the world we want cannot be realized without our own healing and transformation”
and so we enter into our cocoons and give ourselves time
to germinate into what we want to be
we want to be seen
we want to be heard
we want to be free
we want to BE

Is this what we want to be?

we the people,
win the people into a communal celebration
of how we rage and pray
how we protest and meditate
how we cried out and burned sage
towards the heavens, our ancestors and ourselves
with mantras that affirm our existence towards existing
beyond the plague of hate
beyond the pestilence of race
beyond the persistence of deaths we’ve had to face
and to ignore the reality
that these pandemics have been maintained
for capitalistic gains
is beyond shame
as we seek who to blame for these claims

What have we gained?

Are we to blame?

so when the wind whispered a sound over the United States of America
announcing who would be presiding and dividing, or residing and uniting
over our country these next four years
and depending where you wrestle on this stance
we the people celebrated
we the people contemplated
we the people navigated this new world
that feels pretty much the same
while still hoping in a change
believing all was not done in vain
dreaming that it can be sustained
Be diligent in what you did while living in the wild
as wanderers, wondering when will we…
Be vigilant about your prayers, meditations, and mantras
asé-ing the pending victories
when you begin to worry, get weary and feel weak
re-member the wisdom of the wise and
Be the People Who Win(d) the People.

©2020, Rev. DaSaint (11/11)

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Rev. DaSaint (Dasha Saintremy), is an Afro-Caribbean American, Womanist. She is an artistic minister and a spiritual guide. She holds an MSW from Barry University and a MDiv from The Interdenominational Center of The Morehouse School of Theology. DaSaint currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in her respite home known as WynEvaLand. DaSaint is the founder of the nonprofit LiveLoveLiberate: A Sacred Space for Creative Expressions and creator and host of TTYL… Or Not! A platform that aims to shift the way people see, hear and experience G-d/ The Divine and/or Spirit. She is also a certified yogi and meditation guide. Her life’s mission is to continue to minister through the arts,  for she believes this is indeed her “soul work.”

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