Day 31 – mystery

If you haven’t read the introduction to this practice on our webpage, we encourage you to first read more about it here.

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Today’s word for writing is “mystery.”

On pathways to collective flourishing, what is the significance of mystery?
Through what kind of encounters are you most in touch with the gifts of mystery?
What dominant systems and norms have resulted in cultural depreciation of mystery?
What is lost – individually and collectively – when mystery is demeaned?
What are the risks of living in touch with mystery?
What are the dangers of living as if everything can be neatly defined, organized, and “objectively” interpreted?
How does mystery encourage right-relationship with the whole of life?

Reflect. Meditate. Pay attention. Feel.
Then, write three lines of poetry.

May it be a prayer, a confession, an observation, a longing, a release, or a sensation – whatever is needing your tending today.

Collective contributions will remain open until tomorrow morning. Come back to view previous days contributions anytime here.

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