Easter – rise

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Blessed Easter.

And thank you for your thoughtful poems and reflections throughout this season.

Our last word for writing is “rise.”

On pathways to collective flourishing, what will we rise for?
What is needed in order to rise again after a deeply painful blow?
What past political uprisings have led to your benefit?
When are you most likely to feel entirely hopeless – and what/who helps you not to stay there permanently?
What do you have the power to rise against?
What oppressive powers depend on the assumption you will not join others in rising up against them?
How are you represented or supporting the oppressive powers others must rise against for live, survival, or thriving?

Reflect. Meditate. Pay attention. Feel.
Then, write three lines of poetry.

May it be a prayer, a confession, an observation, a longing, a release, or a sensation – whatever is needing your tending today.

Collective contributions will remain open until tomorrow morning. Come back to view previous days contributions anytime here.

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