ethics & practice

What we’re about

  • A liberationist frame and praxis of spirituality
  • Centering justice-making and collectivity as inherent embodiments of contemplative spiritualities
  • Being incarnation/body-centered (body includes all matter – earth, fauna, flora, water, air, humans, etc)
  • Illuminating creative theologies
    • ultimate authority of wisdom does not come from doctrines, creeds, dogmas, or denominations
    • values art, poetry, music, and experience as theological sources
  • Ensuring anti-racist values/theologies are implicit or explicit in all programming and content creation regardless of who creates them or for whom they are created
  • Prioritizing spiritual nourishment by and for those in communities that are undervalued, under-resourced, or under-appreciated

How we go about it

  • Practice a willingness to take risks and accept the organizational costs of telling the truth, doing work that matters, speaking on controversial topics, prioritizing needs and wisdom of the margins
  • Prioritize practicing the values of enfleshed over growth, continued existence, or financial viability
  • Committing to relationships of solidarity and support, mutual amplification and affirmation, and anti-competition practices with partners organizations and individuals
  • Aiming resources towards meeting, healing, or equipping people for embodied realities/actions/communities
    • Digital is a means but not the end goal
  • We will not be subsumed under a denomination or a church as it would be outside of our values to do so
  • Ensure organizational practices/policies/processes including economics and financial sustainability embody what enfleshed is calling for in the world. When that’s not yet possible, they should be striving to become so. The internal life of enfleshed should reflect external proclamations and vice versa.

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