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Applications are open through early April and terms begin in May 2020.
Our board primarily meets virtually and people are encouraged to apply from all regional locations.

View our ethos and praxis here.

All Members of the enfleshed Board of Directors are:

  • Committed to the mission and values of enfleshed and can articulate why the kind of ministry enfleshed does matters personally and in the world.
  • Committed to meaningful and ongoing relationships with each other as part of enfleshing justice, liberation, and delight.
  • A proud enfleshed ambassador in their networks and communities (e.g., LinkedIn, email signature, professional bio, networking conversations, etc.)

Working board members are:

  • Required to attend three of six virtual meetings a year, including a one-day, in-person meeting, location TBD (half of meetings will be scheduled in the morning, half will be scheduled in the evening to accommodate different availability)
  • Committed to completing a two-year term, which may be repeated if agreed upon by self, Board colleagues, and enfleshed executive director
  • Committed to sharing a skill-set (e.g., writing, admin, brainstorming 1-1 with the executive director, chairing a Board committee)
  • Committed to securing a $500 annual “give or “get” gift (e.g., grant writing, personal donation, or by way of fundraising on social media, in religious networks, etc.)
  • Take on a specific Board role (e.g., secretary, chair, treasurer, editorial committee liaison, board development, etc.)
  • Committed to two year terms
  • Parameters of availability and level of engagement should be agreed upon before joining the Board and will be re-visited, in consultation with Board colleagues and enfleshed executive director, each year.

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