Liturgy that Matters – July 12, 2020 – Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Themes: God provides the seeds of Life but we are responsible for what we do with them. Do we cultivate lands together that can nourish life and growth? Do we tend with care and attention the resources necessary for cultivating harvests of justice and love? These are questions we need to ask collectively and also for our individual hearts, minds, and practices. When we rush to hear the truths that set free like the crowds of disciples before Jesus, do we live differently when we disperse and return to our social circles, workspaces, and faith communities? Jesus warns of all that stands in the way of our living differently – wealth and selfishness, lack of commitment to growing in wisdom, and the commitment to preserving systems, control, ego, and power. God provides us with the spiritual and collective tools we need to navigate these temptations together, to heal from their power over us, and to become cultivators of the kind of soil where seeds of Divine Life can thrive.


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