Liturgy that Matters – March 8, 2020 – Romans 4:1-5, 13-17

Themes: Paul is working hard to make a case for the inclusion of the gentiles into the lineage of Abraham and the promises of God – not by way of the law, not by way of circumcision, but by the Spirit that expands the definition of kin. He points to the faith of Abraham as a model for understanding the basis of relationship with God and one another. By leaning into the power and possibilities of the Sacred, we make room for the work of God that stretches and expands beyond our original understanding. Though Paul still relies on patriarchal lineages to make his case for inclusion, we can learn from his mistakes. The need to pay attention to who we exclude among the excluded in our work for equality is illuminated. This, along with further questions of “good” or “bad” people, whether we must prove ourselves to be of worth to God or one another, and the impact of living in a society which prizes obedience over justice and love in this issue of LTM.


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