Liturgy that Matters – May 10, 2020 – John 14:1-14

Themes: This week we linger in John’s beautiful imagery of God making a home, a dwelling place, among the many types of people and creatures and lands among us. What does it mean, we ask, to remember that our home in God is also within us and each other? What does it take to find our way back? “You know the way,” Jesus says. This, alongside reflections upon Jesus’ promise that some will do even greater things than he. Every context – persons and ages and identities – poses limits that can be reached beyond from a different context. So we can ask today how our own works of justice, love, solidarity and community might need to be even greater than the confines of Jesus’ words and actions. Where is the world crying out for justice but the church still thinking too narrowly to recognize God enfleshed in new forms around us?


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