Liturgy that Matters – May 29, 2022 – Luke 24:44-53

Oh no! We made a mistake. 🙁 This issue reflects on Luke 24:44-53 which is not included in lectionary texts for May 29, 2022 but was intended for Ascension Day which is May 26th. This was entirely our error in calendaring and we apologize to you who use the lectionary for the mistake! You can access our 2019 issue on the Revelation text here.

Themes: Jesus’ ascension is explored through the lens of the political context under Augustus Caesar who was also known to have ascended. Pushing back against dualisms, vertical social and theological hierarchies, and theological abstractions without materializing transformation, this issue centers incarnation as essential to understanding ascension.

This week’s sermon commentaries are written by Damon Garcia with liturgy by Rev. Molly Bolton.


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