Teaching, preaching, and training for communities

For Communities

Do you have a special service coming up and need a queer preacher?

Need some help facilitating conversations around pressing issues in your faith community?

Looking for someone to help you plan a themed spiritual retreat?

Get in touch! We’d love to come to your faith community for preaching, teaching, or workshops.

We specialize in:

  • Bible study, theology, workshops, and preaching on:
    • Queer sexualities – including bisexuality and pansexuality
    • Trans and gender non-conforming justice
    • Non-monogamy, polyamory, and alternative relationship structures
    • Understanding intersectionality – what it is and isn’t
    • Addressing our whiteness
    • Sex – talking about it in church
    • Bridging the personal and political in our faith lives
    • Rethinking, reshaping, reclaiming our faith and doctrines

Email us at in**@en*******.com with your interest, potential dates, and proposed budget and we’ll get back to you with our availability, suggestions, or questions as soon as possible.



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