Tough Mind & Tender Heart

In this newsletter, we hope to bring both an intersectional (popularized by Kimberle Crenshaw, while there will be more on the lineage of this word please do some more reading here.) and experiential approach to moving forward in liberative acts and knowledge. One of the main things that we focus on here at enfleshed is “liberation for all.” And so, in that spirit, let us journey together in highlighting anti-racist resources, engaging in thoughtful exercises, highlighting actions for solidarity, and more. The hopes for this space is that it won’t just be a one-sided knowledge dump. Once a month this newsletter will be a small gathering ground that will center the wisdom of those considered “marginalized” as we move forward in a freer way.

Robert Monson, co-director enfleshed

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The title of this newsletter is inspired by a sermon by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Read the sermon here.

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