We are always looking for partners and co-collaborators on a wide variety of projects. If you’re a creative who is passionate about spiritual nourishment as a necessary element for showing up to the long labors of collective liberation, fill out the form below! This helps us expand our knowledge of those who are interested and skilled in these areas. If a fitting project arises, we’ll be in touch to talk collaboration.

There are a number of other ways you can contribute to the flourishing of enfleshed.

  • Become an ambassador to promote Held and/or Liturgy that Matters (LTM) in your networks
    • Add Held or LTM to a course syllabus
    • Get copies of HELD for your faith community’s library
    • Feature Held, LTM, or enfleshed contributors on your podcast, social media networks, community newsletter/communications, at conferences, in-person gatherings/meetings, fellowship groups, etc
  • Provide written endorsement/review of Held or LTM
  • Collect offerings for enfleshed as your faith community’s special offering
  • More coming soon!

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