Day 38 – stay

If you haven’t read the introduction to this practice on our webpage, we encourage you to first read more about it here.

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Today’s word for writing is “stay.”

On pathways to collective flourishing, with whom do we stay?
How do you discern whether it’s a time for staying or leaving in difficult contexts?
Have you ever needed to ask someone to stay with you in a vulnerable circumstance?
What triggers your impulses to run from hard things?
What emotions do you have the hardest time staying with?
What causes are important enough to you that you will stay with them as they ebb and flow from public attention?
Under what circumstances does staying become stuck in the status quo?
Through what life events are people most often abandoned or isolated?

Reflect. Meditate. Pay attention. Feel.
Then, write three lines of poetry.

May it be a prayer, a confession, an observation, a longing, a release, or a sensation – whatever is needing your tending today.

Collective contributions will remain open until tomorrow morning. Come back to view previous days contributions anytime here.

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