Vita Divina Print Resource

The Vita Divina Project print resource includes 13 of the 30 submissions we are including in the online project. Each week, we’re rolling out another Vita Divina submission – all of which are created by LGBTQIA people responding to the prompt:

Queer and Trans Flesh: A Divine Encounter

If this resource would spiritually nourish you but payment of any kind would be a burden, you’re encouraged to check-out with the discount code “FREE.

If you would like to cover the cost of production to help support this project and the work of enfleshed, use the discount code “COST” to pay a total of $10.

Without the discount codes, the set price of $20 will go to shipping you a deck and covering the cost of someone else’s free order.

You can learn more about the online project, based on the lectio/visio divina tradition, here.

We invite you to lean into the mystery of the unknown, the delight of anticipation, and the surprise of the reveal of the full deck upon arrival. You can see the full breadth of the complete set of art pieces submitted over the coming 30 weeks as we roll them out on social media and by email each Wednesday morning.

Two additional cards are included: one for guidance in the Vita Divina practice and a second with a list of artist’s names and titles of each piece.


Quantity is limited.

Cards are 2.75in x 4.75in.
Mailers are made from 100% recycled materials.

The artists included in this print deck are:

1. kit o’hallaron
2. anna blaedel
3. cait schneider
4. bex machina
5. kye flannery
6. ric stott (pictured)
7. dasaint
8. elyse ambrose
9. leo covault
10. cassidy hall
11. bis thornton
12. m barclay
13. mer wade


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